• 28 July 2020 17:38

Brother & his Masters of the Universe collection need to go bye bye. He was more a display on the shelf and admire, not take outside and beat them up in grass, dirt, sun. So condition is 9/10

All there & complete with all original stuff.
Few things are broken from the storage box, but the pieces are intact

Spydor – snapped fang
Land Shark – SOLD
Road Ripper
Night Stalker – SOLD
Wind Raider
Battle Ram – ONLY 1 Dart
Slime Pit – No Slime / some residue remains
Laser Bolt
Attak Trak
Beam Blaster & Artillery
Dragon Walker
Snake Mountain – SOLD
Blaster Hawk
Evil Horde Fright Zone – one broken branch in two pieces

see on craigslist


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