• 13 June 2020 16:02

Acer Aspire One netbook model AO722 , SOLD AS IS.

Works as is w/ HDMI cable on flat screen TVs (in combination with a Logitech wireless USB keyboard mouse – not included!)

Broken components that need repair to use as a standalone laptop :

-has cracked screen
-missing 3 keycaps on keyboard, but the keys still work
-has dead battery
-power cord spliced with tape in two places where cat chewed thru wire… you will have to solder and insulate the wires or find another power supply, but included power supply still works.

Has been upgraded to windows 10 and activated with Microsoft, but it seems to run slower under win 10 than under win7.

Has one simm slot filled with a 2GB sodimm module. If you upgrade to 4gb you have to pull out the 2gb sodimm and install a 4gb sodimm.

Original hard drive is in the laptop and if you want to downgrade to the windows 7 original software shipped form acer you can use acer recovery /restore tool to do so.

I gave up trying to find a cheap replacement screen for this, and so i don’t want to bother with it anymore.

Everything else on the netbook works fine.

Wireless and wired ethernet work fine.

Just $10.

call 702 -944 – 7 three zero zero, leave message if no answer.

see on craigslist


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