• 7 June 2020 08:44

Indoor/Outdoor Free Standing Rigging Point

8-10-16-18-20 feet tall Indoor Free Standing Rigging Point

Made of Aluminium 2 inch tubbing with 3 rigging points
All Stainless Steel hardwear with rubber feet
Bottom 15′ X 15′ with with adjustable Stainless Steel cables at the bottom
Portable/Adjustable heights Stand

Top Bar:
Length: 3 feet
Width: 1.8 feet
Hight: 1.3 feet

Legs sections 4.5 feet

8 feet Stand Total Weight: 100 Pounds
10 feet Stand Total Weight: 110 Pounds
16 feet Stand Total Weight: 130 Pounds
18 feet Stand Total Weight: 150 Pounds
20 feet Stand Total Weight: 160 Pounds

Available for RENT
We accept requests for different dimensions and heights
Aerial rigging,hoop,silk,hammock,nets sold separately
Made in Las Vegas USA

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