• 14 August 2020 12:45

Jura-Capresso brand, the advanced boiler maintains a reservoir of hot water at the right temperature for faster and more consistent results, this state of the art six ounce boiler increases brewing pressure and temperature stability, a 15 Bar pump provides optimal pressure for rich crema (foam), the self-locking filter holder comes with two sieves: one for two espressi and another for a single espresso, it features a 40 oz. removable water tank, an easy to clean removable drip tray, a coffee scoop/tamper, a removable frothing cover for easy cleaning, and in addition to steaming milk for lattes and other coffee specialties, this expresso machine also provides high pressure frothing for thick, rich cappuccino, plus on top is a convenient warming tray that keeps cups at an ideal temperature for serving, it measures: 10 1/2″H, 9″W, 10 ¼”D and uses 1250 watts, some stock photos below, mine has never been out of the box, NO TEXTS

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