• 7 August 2020 10:36

Looking to hire a Full Time candidate for a Liquor Store Clerk. This job spands across multiple locations so hours can be fulfilled. PREFERABLY HIRING GRAVEYARD SHIFT

Job Responsibilities

Use a POS register for customer purchases while helping a customer wherever questions are needed. The ability to upsell and mention other things to include with purchases is highly encouraged.
Ensure to greet every customer that enters the store. Make them feel at home.
Stock store items onto shelves. Any misplaced items are to be put back into the original space.
Check and organize delivery orders.
Provide a clean, worker-friendly environment.
Qualifications and Skills

At least three valid references.
Good cashier and POS register experience.
Active TAM and Health cards.
Strong teamwork skills.
Ability to learn certain procedures.
Knowledge on alcoholic beverages, pairings, and cocktails.
Good communication is important. A majority of customers have questions and it is important to satisfy their needs.

Please attach resume to the reponse email.

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