• 30 June 2020 11:32

After 2 years on the road living full-time in an RV, I know exactly what it takes to make a regular VAN, Mini Van, or large SUV into a fully equipped Motorhome.

️ Save thousands on hotel rooms.
️ Go on short road trips in the safety of your own vehicle, or live full time.
️ Park at the Beach and sleep to the sound of the waves….FREE!

It will include:

Sink with Running Water
Installed with Stove into Beautiful Cabinetry
Shower and Large Fresh Water Reserve
Bathroom (Flushable Toilet with Black Tank and Grey Tank included)
Refrigerator/Freezer for Food and Drinks
Comfortable Bed with Under Bed Storage
USB/Battery Fan Cooling System
Led Lights for low heat, energy efficient lighting
Power Battery and yes…..SOLAR

I also have the complete plans for the kit here if interested in doing it yourself: http://TheMicroCamper.com

If you need a getaway but don’t have 40k-100k to spend on an RV, this is a great option. Get better gas mileage, more parking options, and spend less on vehicle maintenance.

In your new conversion, you can watch TV on your laptop, work on the road, make coffee in the morning at the beach or have dinner on a mountain top, and stay overnight almost anywhere.

*NOTE-Must be able to remove back seats to allow for customization. Installation is 100% damage free. No holes or drilling needed for conversion. Increase your resale value!

Call or Text for more information. Two-One-Three-446-Six-334

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