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KAYPRO II with original software

This unit is in excellent physical and operational condition. It includes OS and other
software on 5 1/2″ Floppy media. The unit was obtained from the original owner and
passed directly to me.
The Kaypro II has a 2.5 MHz Zilog Z80 microprocessor; 64 kB of RAM; two singlesided
191-kilobyte 5¼-inch floppy disk drives (named A: and B:); and an 80-column,
green monochrome, 9″ CRT that was praised for its size and clarity (the Osborne 1
had a 5″ display).
The outer case is constructed of painted aluminum. The computer features a large
detachable keyboard unit that covers the screen and disk drives when stowed. The
computer could fit into an airline overhead rack.[17] This Kaypro runs off regular AC
mains power and are not equipped with a battery.
The unit comes with OS and other software on a 5 ½ inch floppy.
Released: 1982
Price: US $1595.
Weight: 26 lbs
CPU: Zilog Z80, 2.5 MHz
RAM: 64K
Display: 9″ green phosphor screen.
24 X 80 text only
Ports: Serial port

Parallel port
Storage: Two internal 5-1/4″
SS-DD 195K drives
vintage, Kaypro, OS, CPM, Select

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