• 31 July 2020 05:22

Selling many legos on ebay, look up seller “shadowmaster51”. Willing to make a deal to for multiple sets to sell locally (Las Vegas/ Henderson) and avoid shipping fees.

Most sets are complete or near complete, pics available on request

Includes sets from pirates, islanders, town, city space, nexo knights, ninjago, ninja, knights, boats, western, aliens, adventures,”

Prequel Trilogy
7124-1 Flash Speeder- $13
7171-1 Mos Espa Podrace- $75
7184-1 Trade Federation MTT- $60
8001-1 Battle Droid- $32

Original Trilogy
4492-1 Star Destroyer- $10
7104-1 2 Desert Skiff w/ Instructions- $25 for both
7150-1 TIE Fighter & Y-wing w/ Instructions- $60

30279-1 Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle w/ Instructions- $5
75148-1 Encounter on Jakku w/ Instructions- $40

3219-1 Mini TIE Fighter- SOLD
4482-1 AT-TE w/ Instructions & Box- SOLD
6205-1 2 V-wing Fighters w/ Instructions & Box- SOLD
6207-1 A-wing Fighter w/ Instructions & Box- SOLD
6211-1 Imperial Star Destroyer w/ Instructions & Box- SOLD
6212-1 X-wing Fighter w/ Instructions- SOLD
7128-1 Speeder Bikes w/ Instructions-SOLD
7140-1 X-wing Fighter – SOLD
7143-1 Jedi Starfighter w/ Instructions & Box- SOLD
7151-1 Sith Infiltrator w/ Instructions- SOLD
7258-1 Wookiee Attack w/ Box- SOLD
7261-1 Clone Turbo Tank w/ Instructions- SOLD
7263-1 TIE Fighter w/ Instructions & Box- SOLD
7657-1 AT-ST w/ Instructions & Box-SOLD
7658-1 Y-wing Fighter w/ Instructions & Box- SOLD
7668-1 Rebel Scout Speeder w/ Instructions- SOLD
7678-1 Droid Gunship w/ Instructions- SOLD
7680-1 The Twilight w/ Instructions- SOLD
7749-1 Echo Base w/ Instructions- SOLD
8015-1 Assassin Droids Battle Pack w/ Instructions- SOLD
8016-1 Hyena Droid Bomber w/ Instructions- SOLD
8018-1 Armored Assault Tank (AAT) w/ Instructions- SOLD
8036-1 Separatist Shuttle w/ Instructions- SOLD
8037-1 Anakin’s Y-wing Starfighter w/ Instructions-SOLD
8038-1 The Battle of Endor w/ Instructions-SOLD
8083-1 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack w/ Instructions- SOLD
8084-1 Snowtrooper Battle Pack w/ Instructions- SOLD
8089-1 Hoth Wampa Cave w/ Instructions- SOLD
8091-1 Republic Swamp Speeder w/ Instructions- SOLD
10123-1 Cloud City w/ Instructions- SOLD
75030-1 Millennium Falcon w/ Instructions & Box- SOLD
75182-1 Republic Fighter Tank w/ Instructions- SOLD
75185-1 Tracker I w/ Instructions- SOLD
75174-1 Desert Skiff Escape w/ Instructions- SOLD
8085-1 Freeco Speeder w/ Instructions- SOLD
75157-1 Captain Rex’s AT-TE w/ Instructions- SOLD
7753-1 Pirate Tank w/ Instructions- SOLD
75150-1 Vader’s TIE Advanced vs. A-wing Starfighter w/ Instructions- SOLD

All prices are based on current values on brickset.com

Asking above prices or best offer.
Email or text, no calls

Also open to trades: male mannequin, ipod touch, collector lego sets, gift card, Zelda related stuff or amiibo, stripped ar15 lower, trijicon rmr, red dot, scope, ammo (22lr, 9mm, 45acp, 225/556, 357, 44mag, 308), tanto knife, firearm parts, gun safe/cabinet, 22lr break-top revolver, or ruger 96/22

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