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NEED someone with some car used dealership experience. If you don’t have any please don’t call on this position, we are just too busy to teach someone from the ground up.
Must have decent COMPUTER EXPERIENCE. nothing crazy, just basic quick skills and general emails, word, dmv sites.
Need someone who can do EDRS (dealer report of sale system), big plus if you know how to use FRAZER & DMV placard system.
Bilingual English & Spanish huge PLUS, lots of Spanish customers
MUST be able to get salesman license through the DMV (No felonies, & certain gross misdemeanors) so you can write up paperwork and go over it with customers, don’t need to do sales, if you want to you can, that is just more money to be made if you are driven and want to make more $. That is teachable, if you have the people skills. Someone with finance experience with banks a plus!
Requires answering phone calls all the time, giving people updates on vehicles at the shop, directions to dealer, pricing on cars, answer questions, able to input new vin #’s and descriptions on vehicles to website, give customers information on how to register their car, make jackets on all new vehicles coming in, make key tags on vehicles, inputting parts receipts in system, take in mail, keep account of bills to be paid & pay them, make me lists, calming people down if they call yelling, MUST HAVE THICK SKIN & a strong personality, (if your sensitive, please don’t apply). Accounting experience a HUGE PLUS to be able to manage accounts receivables/numbers,inputting payments into the system
High volume busy small dealership with cute small modern office, must be able to multi task, be organized, a go getter and willing to take the initiative to get things done when needed, rather than be told task by task. Very friendly, casual, family type younger small office group, must be able to handle all different personality types, and fit in with others well and handle multiple types of customers, some disgruntled, some unique personalities, lol. If your an old school car person that’s only worked at new car stores for 20 years, you probably wouldn’t be the best fit here. We mainly do 90% cash deals because our prices are so low, so we are very unique from a lot of car dealerships.
NEED SOMEONE DEPENDABLE WITH NOT FAMILY, PERSONAL, BOYFRIEND/girlfriend, KID DRAMA ALL THE TIME needing to leave all the time. I understand emergencies, but daily drama leaving, I cant deal with. Very important to me to have someone here on time in the mornings, that’s when I cannot be here, I need someone to whip my guys in shape and make sure people are getting what they need to get done in the mornings while I’m not here. I would love someone who has that management style ability, great communication skills, to move up beyond office work, if needed that can run the office and handle things when I am not available. I want someone for the long hall. Its a business that you have the potential to grow in, learn and do multiple things that can make you more and more money once learn the aspects of the business if you are driven, quick learner and a go getter!
Position is Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM, hours negotiable if we can get what needs to be done on time. If your available to work weekends or later hours sometimes, please let me know that is a huge plus, not required.

Willing to pay GOOD cash weekly FOR THE PERFECT FIT!, dependent on what above you have the experience with and can perform.

Please shoot me an email or text. Please don’t just attach a resume, please EXPLAIN to me why you would be a great fit for this position, and what above I described that I am looking for that you can do.

Thank you so much!

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