• 30 June 2020 22:29

McData Eclipse IP 1620 Router Switch w/ Intel 869476 transceivers IN-1620
2-Available~WORKS, Good Condition
Copper Ports: 2(Combo)
Fiber Ports: 4
Fiber port type: SX
SFP: 4-Intel TXN31115D100000
869476 850nm SX
GBIC SFP transceiver
Power supply: 2
Rack size: IU

The McDATA Eclipse 1620 SAN Router is a single unit field-replaceable unit (FRU) that provides support for the following standard protocols:
ISCSI–Provides the iSCSI initiator with access to the Fibre Channel (FC) targets
IFCP–Provides remote data replication and IP SAN routing
E_Port–Enables connection to an existing fabric
When a McDATA Eclipse 1620 SAN Router is connected to a fabric, it extends the communication between devices beyond a single fabric. Since iFCP and iSCSI are IP based forms of communication, there is no distance limitation on the FC port.
With the support of multiple vendors fabric across the IP, the McDATA Eclipse 1620 SAN Router essentially bridges the communication between fabrics from different vendors, which is not permitted by the FC switches.

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