• 17 July 2020 13:48

Asking $1899 cash for this solid workhorse cheese grater Mac computer. Cost is justified – research units like this – they go for over $2100. Totally upgraded and refurbished / rebuilt. Saving myself the Ebay hassle of shipping and fees so did discount the price to allow some local purchase consideration.

It is a complete turnkey video/music production Mac upgradable tower loaded with must have software like Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro – Motion and Compressor. I can add MicrosoftOffice if you need it.

Please don’t bother writing if you’re going to lowball me or trying to scam me.
Local sales cash only.

Simply unique overpowered Monster Mac Pro 5,1 Tower. Yes this has been flashed to 2012 Model standards but is a 2009 production unit totally upgraded and refurbished.

Excellent condition – case has some small scratches, scrapes and blemishes but is in perfect functional condition.

This is a FANTASTIC video / music creator machine – get a powerful Mac at an affordable price – this is NOT A LOW END Mac Pro – 128GB of new RAM, 12 CORE CPU @ 3.46GHz Westmere upgraded processors – and software you normally don’t get on systems like this.

Comes installed with: Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Compressor .
Running macOS Catalina using a software patch from DosDude.
CPU: 12 Core Xeon 3.46 GHz processor. (2 x 3.46Ghz Quad Core Intel Xeon Westmere chipset)
Main Memory: 128GB 1066 MHz
Main OS Drive: 1TB SSD boot drive in PCIe sled in 16x slot #1 – fast – very fast
Storage Drive: 1TB additional (2.5″ hard drive dual purposed in slot 1 running at 7200rpm)
NVIDA 4MB Graphics metal able and flashed for Apple Boot Screen
WiFi AirPort Extreme
Apple Superdrive CD/DVD burner (internal)
Wired Apple Keyboard
Wired Apple Mouse

This system is the best affordable powerhouse Mac Pro you can get for video or audio editing – a Mac Pro monster at a fraction of the price of the newer models that will do what most professionals need – a monster that will churn through whatever you want to throw at it.

Yes this is Craigslist and everyone is looking for deals but the system won’t be sold at a give away price. I’m not desperate. Please make a reasonable offer. I can sell on eBay but prefer to not have to pay them the pound of flesh to market there so pricing it here for the Las Vegas market (or anyone who will be traveling into LV to be able to see it.

No I won’t ship. (Why would you not want to personally test a system like this ?)
Yes I prefer local sales and cash only.

Showings by appointment only evenings or weekends near the Sahara and Rancho (just off I-15) Las Vegas.

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