• 30 July 2020 13:28

Play Over 2,900 Games with Multi-player Video Games. Arcade stand setup with 2 full control 6 button setup and 42″ monitor. This setup is lightly used but in great condition and plays like new!

All classic arcade games from the 1980’s all the way to early 2000’s.

Why pay $2000.00 for an all new multi player arcade unit like this one?: https://secretlevelarcades.com/products/upright-arcade . . . when you can have all the games you want for just $800 in a plug-and-play stand up console!

And this console takes up MUCH LESS SPACE in your game room!

Play all your favorites from:

– Classic Arcade Games (529 working playable games)
– Original Nintendo (910 working playable games)
– Super Nintendo (891 working playable games)
– Game Boy (552 working playable games)
– Game Boy Color (542 working playable games)
+ More games from other consoles!

Big 42″ Panasonic TV Monitor Included

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