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LOEWEN INDUSTRIES – 2020 40′ Belly Dump Trailer

*Capacity 23.5 Cubic Yards

*Length 42 ft

*Tandem with choice of Spring Suspension or Air Ride Suspension

*Axle 25,00 lbs 5 Tubular with 16 x 7 cam brakes and oil seals

*Fifth Wheel Oscillating

*Parking Legs Gate Mounted

*Tires & Wheels Dual with 24.5 Steel Rims

*Brake System Air Brakes; ABS on one axle

*Lights LED Rubber Mount

*Gate Commercial Grade Steel with Chain Stops, Filter and Lubricator

*Gate Control Manual & Electric Valve: Electric controlled from Cab and Manual from the ground; Fenders Front and Rear

*Cylinders (2) 7 Pneumatic cylinders with 1 shaft

*Tarp Electric Flip Tarp

*Windrow Deflector Standard

*DOT Bumper Push block with underride protection

*Top Rail 4x 6 x 3/16 Tube H.S.L.A.

*Bottom Rail 4×6 x 3/16 Tube H.S.L.A.

*Sides 54 High (10) gauge Grade 50

*Hopper 58 x 108 opening double gates with 3/16 plate on floor and 10 gauge side slope sheets

☎ or text (916) 260-2905 

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