• 9 June 2020 16:31

New Big Sunday BSFL The Ultimate Strategy Football Board Game

Big Sunday is football on a board. Everything you can think of except audibles.Running game, kicking game, passing game. Penalties, fumbles, sacks, interceptions, blocked kicks,safety, run back for touchdown, officials mistake must pick up flag so penalty is ignored. It has everything. Here is what Mike White, Superbowl winning coach had to say about Big Sunday. “In our mechanized world, Big Sunday is a throwback to the family oriented activity around the dinner table. It can be played by all ages and will match all types of skill levels. In my opinion it is the closest thing to real football. It has all the strategy and flow of an actual game. Players are involved in play selection, defensive deployment, down and distance, and all varieties of scoring combinations.It also includes fumbles, penalties, use of clock and time outs, a complete kicking game and the exciting 2-minute warning.”

Running, kicking and passing game
Penalties, fumbles, sacks, interceptions, blocked kicks,safety and run backs for touchdowns
Can be played by all ages
Made and assembled in America

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