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Great piece of history to display anywhere in your home especially in a bare area or man cave.

A very rare original Pancho Villa January 1915 recruitment poster in a old early 1900’s wooden glass frame. This Pancho Villa recruitment poster “For Gold & Glory was designed to attract Americans to fight in the Mexican Revolution!

The size of this poster in the wood frame is approximately; 15-inches tall x 10.5-inches wide. The wood frame is a very unusual hand carved from the early 1900’s with a glass sealed front for protection. This picture frame can be hung on a wall or set on a shelf or mantle.

Very few of these original posters from this era survive because most were pasted to walls or noticeboards. Also because they are over 100-years old not too many survived! During this time posters were and important recruitment tool for the military.

.1. Top of this poster reads; Attencion Gringo – Come South Of The Border And Ride – For Gold And Glory – With Pancho Villa – El Liberator Of Mexico!
.2. Middle of this poster: Shows a picture of Pacho Villa on his horse wearing a hat. Behind him are a group of people walking and riding horses in Juarez, Mexico.
.3. Bottom of this poster reads; Weekly Payments In Gold To Dynamiters, Machine Gunners, Railroaders – Enlistments Taken In Juarez, Mexico – January 1915 – Viva Villa! Revolution!

Pancho Villa (1878 – 1923 was a key figure in the revolution and has gone down in Mexican folklore as a heroic leader. Villa was assassinated in July 1923 when his car was attacked by multiple gunmen, who were probably acting on orders from Villa’s political rivals. He remains an important figure in popular culture. There have been more than 30 films made about Villa’s life. His depiction in history books varies from brutal murderer to gallant revolutionary who never received the due he deserved.

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Condition: Very Good considering it’s age, 1915 (over 100 years old). In a very unusual hand carved wood glass front frame

Sell: – $2,000 – (Or Best Offer)
My dad passed away in 1978 and this was in the bottom drawer of his gun safe and I just kept it there until now!!

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