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It is important to know that for those who have beenFrontline Diabetes Reviewdiagnosed with diabetes, it does not necessarily spell doom if properly managed. Diabetic patients are being co-opted into the management of their disease, an approach known as self-management. Under this approach, it is the patient’s responsibility to manage his/her diabetes. This involves ensuring that the daily meals are appropriate, checking the blood glucose, adhering to advice on hygiene and exercise, including keeping doctor’s appointment.

Daily meals – Every meal should be in manageable portion. Eating small portions will assist the body to break down the food easily. Diabetic patients are permitted to eat up to 4-5 times a day. A vegetable rich diet is very essential and could be included in two or more meals per day. Non starchy fruits that are great for diabetic patients include garden eggs, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes. Avoid fatty meals and soft drinks.

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