• 8 June 2020 11:46

Smart Technologies Sympodium ID250 Interactive Pen Display 15″ LCD Flat Screen

Came from an educational institution which upgraded and no longer needed it; working environment, probably well-maintained, great condition, no screen scratches. Sold as is, does power on nicely w/ no error signals. A/C adapters are NOT included, power cords included if requested.

The SMART Sympodium ID250 is perfect for presenting to groups of any size. It enables you to control your computer and media resources from a single source. Powered by the same software as SMART Board interactive whiteboards, the product let presenters project their work onto a large screen for everyone to see. The SMART Sympodium ID250 is compact and sleek in design, with a 15″ (38.1 cm) screen and small footprint that make it highly versatile. The SMART Sympodium ID250 can be placed on a table, lectern or podium or permanently mounted. Two USB hubs enable connection with additional peripherals such as document cameras, external memory devices, a mouse or any other USB device. The battery-free tethered pen controls computer applications and writes in digital ink. Buttons on the console enable users to change ink colour or erase without launching software or extra toolbars.

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