• 7 August 2020 04:34

Radio flyer Tesla Model S in cherry red that is fully rechargeable.

24 V up to 3 to 6 miles with a flip of a switch

Ox scored for iPhone or ipod

Under hood is storage space like a trunk

The back trunk stores the battery and on and off switch

Side mirrors turn inward as well
Tesla is chargeable either by removing the battery and plugging it in via charger cord or plugging right into the side of the vehicle like a real electric car!

Real working headlights

Functioning horn

Reverse and forward button on dash

Used- with normal wear and scratches around the body and sides of fender . Not noticeable when standing up but up close it’s visible. No cracks or broken parts.

Purchased from radio flyer for $599. Selling for $275 including working battery and charger.

Suitable for ages 3 to 8 although my son used it through 9 years old

Weight capasity is about 80 pounds

Can travel at 2 different speeds, low is 3 miles per hour and high is 6 miles per hour with a 24 V battery which is a high speed lithium battery.

Please text or email for any further questions. Will deliver

see on craigslist


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