• 8 August 2020 06:11

I have an assortment of Thunderpower LiPo batteries (and 2 oddballs) for sale. These are all good functioning batteries that were used for an Octo Drone. They have approx 30-40 charge cycles on them. Some have slight swelling, but are still overall good batteries. They were always charged using a Thunderpower balancing charger at standard charge rates. They have always been stored in AC’ed an environment when not being used.
I bought them all new directly from Thunderpower. They are about 3-4 years old.

3- 5000 mah 4S- 65C
6- 5000 mah 4S- 70C
1- Nanotech 8.0 8000mah 5S
1- Oddball
Battery Box included

New replacement value …Approx $1800

I will not break up the set. No Low Ball offers, Cash Only and Locals only.
If you don’t know what these batteries are about, don’t bother. Working with Lipo’s of this size can be hazardous!These are very serious power sources!

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