• 9 August 2020 20:12

In a time of confusion, instability and unemployment, our team is confident, thriving and hiring! We are looking for incredible individuals, not impressive resumes .No degree? No financial background? No worries,(we train you) that’s not the most important thing to us. We want to fill our team with individuals who are people-oriented and entrepreneurial. People who want to earn a lot of money, and feel amazing about the work they do and the impact they have. We want people who are competitive and still team players. Sound like you?

Here’s what you need to know, (don’t worry, we train)

You will learn to:

-Help people protect their todays, and enjoy their tomorrows!
-Advise clients on investment strategies and other financial decisions
-Assess clients’ assets, liabilities and overall financial conditions
-Prepare presentations that recommend various financial products
-Review and communicate portfolio performances to clients
-Network and build relationships with new and existing client base


-Highly ethical and honest
-Ability to connect with people on a personal level
-Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
-Excellent verbal communication skills


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