• 5 June 2020 07:46

Selling a streaming movie player that hooks up to your internet to stream anything movies tv and sports to your television, all for free without cable bills or any subscription fees. If you hate paying for cable, you’ll love this box.

With this little black movie box, you can watch all the below:

Movies both in theater and on DVD. Virtually any movie imaginable. Movies update daily.
Any and every TV show, from the beginning of time to your newest releases. TV shows update hourly.
Any sporting event live, whether NFL, NBA, NHL ETC, even PPV UFC and Boxing. And most replays.
Kids movies and cartoons
International/Spanish content
Even adult content (which can be removed;)

All for free, without having any sort of monthly bills or subscription fees, as long as you have the Internet.

With this box you could easily cancel Directv/Cox/Dish Network… There’s no need for Netflix or to ever rent from the Redbox again. You’ll never need to pay for PPV movies or sports again. Everything movies tv and sports is available to you with this box. And all the content is free.

The box plugs into your tv via HDMI cord, and to the Internet through wifi/Ethernet cable. It’s very easy to use. Best of all you’ll save $100s on your cable bill.

I’m selling them for $150 and because I do all the programming myself, I can give you a lifetime warranty. If anything happens to the box, I’ll reprogram or replace it for free.

This is a high quality box that has 4k capability. They’re much more stable then the cheap Amazon Fire sticks you see on Craigslist which buffer and burn out.

If you’re interested, feel free to give me a call or text me. I’d be happy to give you a demonstration and show you exactly how it works. I think you’ll be glad you did.


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