Online scams are schemes are used to take your money using your computer and the internet, either through fake websites or emails. To protect your identity and cash from online scammers:  
  • Do not accept shipping offers, only accept local offers.
  • Do not accept wire money transfer (Western Union).
  • Do not share your personal information (Social Security Number, Bank Account, etc.).
  • Do not share your personal information for background, or credit checks, till you met them in person.
  • Do not accept any payment from anyone who you didn’t meet in person.

How to know about the scam?

Most of scams are:
  • Not a local person in your city/region.
  • Who are offering wire money transfers.
  • Who is not able to meet you in person.

If you see a possible scam post:

  • Do not reply to email.
  • Do not click on any links that scammer provided.
  • If you already click on the links, email; Please do not share any personal information.
  Report the post as soon as possible.